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Sidhya Tikku Miles Davis Book Cover
Miles Davis WikiBook
This was my final submission for my Core 1: Typography Studio during Fall 2022 semester. The prompt was to create a book from a Wikipedia article with minimum 10,000 words and has more than 48 pages. Living in New York City and a jazz fan, I instantly selected Miles Davis' Wikipedia page.
cover image cover image cover image cover image
The cover page uses Futura typeface and has a color scheme and image inspired by Davis’ Sketches of Spain album. The typeface used in the book is Adobe Garamond and it was made using Adobe InDesign. Overall this was the most challenging project of the semester as I have never worked on a voluminous project and never designed a book before. The book has a half-title page, full- title page, table of contents, colophon, index, and a cover.
cover image
The book has three main chapters with section dividers and uses single-column, one-column, and three-column grid. The book was printed, hand-cut, and hand-made in the Parsons Design Lab. The book has almost 90 pages and is perfect bound. This book consists of a cover, half-title page, full-title page, colophon, section divider, spine, and index.
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